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Insect Meal

The insect meal (a protein flour) made through the BugsLife technology is a first-choice animal proteins ingredient made to be included in many types of pet food. Showing a protein content higher than 60% and a good as well as balanced level of all the essential amino acids, the BugsLife insect meal is a premium product which can also be included into hypoallergenic feeds.
Here we are presenting a product for the pet food customer that shows the need of including a sustainable ingredient: a new generation of pet food made through the circular economy principles. In fact, our flours are part of the novel sources of proteins which have low land and water consumption. Thanks to the ability to be locally produced, our technologies shorten the production chain through rapid reuse of valuable organic byproducts, which are ennobled and kept within the nutrient cycle in the form of a new, modern and value-added product.
In the pet food world, there is discrete attention toward products that are natural, traceable, wholesome; these are all characteristics which we keep in close consideration at the BugsLife too. However, in recent times, many were the company that started to advertise the inclusion of human-grade ingredients in their feeds, which is (we suggest) intrinsically wrong! Instead, fewer are the companies that have been pushing the storytelling toward a more responsible approach, that would take into account not only the short-term profit but also the medium-long term impact on the ecosystems (and ultimately the tomorrow’s economy).

The Demand For Sustainable Products

Sustainable Proteins

According to the World Pet Association and the Pet Sustainability Coalition, in 2019 the demand for sustainable products for pets has grown more than expected, overtaking the actual production of pet food made through sustainable practices. By means of our efforts, we are attempting to alleviate the need for imported proteins, which mostly comes from: overfishing practices which are emptying the oceans; monocultures that are mostly located in the developing countries. In contrast, the Black Soldier Fly is a modern allied which allows the farmers to locally produce their own share of sustainable protein.
The BugsLife is bringing a new type of insect-rearing technology, made available for the farmers, that would produce an easy-to-use ingredient for the pet food: an insect protein flours with recognized qualities.
Our insect meals provide your pet with excellent nutrition, yet with no compromises, neither economical nor ethical as it avoids any competition with human food.

Black Soldier Fly
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Live Larvae

The Black Soldier Fly is, without a doubt, a hyper appreciated feed for a long list of assorted animals. Feathered insectivorous go greedy for those, which are therefore a perfect way to complete a natural diet. In particular, our larvae are a perfect match with laying hens. It is proved that the chitin content present in the larvae improves the intestinal microbiome, but also it increases the egg quality and the hardness of the shell. While providing live larvae, we allow the poultry to come back to the natural process of searching and finding moving food, which is once again proved to enhance the quality of the practice and the product significantly.

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Dried Larvae

Whole dried larvae of Black Soldier Fly have a high protein content (around 40%) with a fair and well-balanced level of all the essential amino acids. The Black Soldier Fly larvae (both live and dried) are getting known among people that have terrariums thanks to their high mineral content (calcium and phosphate) as well as high vitamins content. Both of these characteristics are pivotal for the healthy development of small reptiles and amphibians so that to avoid nutrient deficiency which would lead to pathogenic conditions. The larvae also show a decent level of good fats (around 20%) which are mainly composed of lauric acid; this latter is a robust prebiotic excellent for the stabilization of the intestinal microbiome, ultimately preventing infections.

Technologies and products of circular economy

Technology and non-food products

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Similarly to what happens during the vermicomposting, the bioconversion process continuously operated by our larvae produces an organic leftover which appears as traditional topsoil. Such substrate is rich in Nitrogen and has properties that are in between fertilizers and ammendants. This important organic fraction may be used as compost; either way, it may also be used as input for the same biogas plant which is in exchange providing the larvae with a warm environment. The compost can also be used in small quantities in pots and vegetable gardens. The chitin fraction present in the compost boosts the microbes’ proliferation in the soil, which in turn returns plants that are more vigorous and productive.

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Insect Oil

During the processing of the larvae into a protein meal, most of the oil fraction is recovered from the larval biomass. The high quality of our methodologies allows the separation of an extremely pure insect oil. Given that most of the fatty acids are medium-chain fatty acids (50% lauric acid), the insect oil returns powerful prebiotic capabilities which makes it a perfect match for several applications. Our insect oil may be used as a supplement in the livestock nourishment (pigs, poultry, etc.). Alternatively, the oil fraction may also be used as a raw material for the pharma and petrochemical industries, for the production of creams as well as biofuels.

Complete Packages Of Technologies

Bioconversion Technologies

The BugsLife uses proprietary technology made on purpose by our R&D team. Our package of technologies allows the bioconversion of a considerable amount of agro-industrial byproducts on a medium-large scale, through semi-automated processes that require a low input of human workforce. Combining our technologies for the fattening of the larvae with rendering machinery of the 4.0 engineering, BugsLife brings you a complete package of technologies ready to orchestrate in a polished manner the production of hundreds of tons per year of insect protein meal, ready to be delivered into the pet food market.


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